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Self Love &
Personal Growth

 Through Heels Dance.

AURA Montreal, a Heels Dance company based in Montreal, QC. Offering a variety of programs, workshops and classes for every level, online and in person. Focusing on more than just the steps. Creating a safe space, for growth and enjoyment.




We Hear
       Your Love

"I'm so glad to be part of this community that celebrates and makes accessible dance in heels for everybody (beginners or pro), every ethnicity and most importantly, every body type. Thanks AURA Montreal for being so caring and for creating that

sense of sisterhood I was missing.

My safe space every week."


"I followed many sessions with these wonderful, professional teachers in the past and always felt welcomed. I do not fit in the age bracket of their usual clientele by a long shot, but I was not treated any different. I got my sexy on and had fun in the process. The women of Aura are truly special and

create an atmosphere that is truly unique.

Everyone should sign up for these classes."


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